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>> if french fast food chain is annoying the political classes by offering halal burgers as they cater to islamic case. welcome to the brussels studios of dw tv. hunters in romania guard their sheep. austria learns that a popular politician may not have been as clean as his reputation. how they taste for crustaceans provides a welshman with a satisfying life. a bitter struggle has erupted over a memorial to a former
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polish president lech kaczynski, who died in a plane crash in russia in april. the current president wants to remove a message across that has been erected in his memory and which is defended by militant catholics and by jaroslaw kaczynski. the secular and religious are going to go to two. the outlook could decide poland's future. when polish president lech kaczynski died in april, the country was in shock. the public paid their respects outside the presidential palace with flowers and candles. boy and girl scouts directed a simple wooden cross in his memory. but know that cross is dividing the country. president bronislaw komorowski's liberal supporters want to have it taken to a nearby church, while opposition supporters insist it remainin fnt of the palace. it seems there is no resolution in sight to this bizarre dispute.
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>> if they take away this cross we will put hundreds, if not thousands, more. the solidarity movement also started with just a few people. >> they will remove the cross at some point and take it to the church and that will be the end of it. but they want to put up a memorial here. never. a moral for lech kaczynski? what on earth? >> the true catholics, as the call themselves, have been guarding the cross ever since bronislaw komorowski men and he would like the cross removed. he said priests would transfer it to st. anne's church, 800 meters away. that day, thousands gathered outside the palace to sing hymns. the situation started to escalate.
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[music: carmina burana by carl orf] the cross stayed put and a presidential spokesman admitted defeat. >> this is a defeat. i regret that this dispute has turned out this way. >> a few days later, president bronislaw komorowski had a on the palace. the sir monty was kept secret to avoid renewed demonstration. shortly after, a fanatical pensioners through excrement at the plaque and was promptly corrected. the plaque was not enough for
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the defenders of the cross. they demanded that the cross other remained or be replaced by a much larg memial. proposals for alternative memorials abound on the internet, most poking fun at the defenders of the cross. the palace can only be entered to the back door, it says on the sign. there is even a computer game featuring an old lady defending the cross, yelling "traito! anticrist!" in the real world, an artist commissioned by relatives of those killed in the april plane crash has designed and eight- feet-high memorial which wants to correct. he has chosen these hands as his motif. >> the symbolize the people who died. the hands represent loyalty and the oath many victims have sworn. the hands represent a victory. they also represent dissolute
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soldiers make to the polish eagle. that is why the title is" -- "the alaska to the fidelity of the homeland -- the obelisk of the fidelity of the homeland." many believe the plane crash was a covert association -- covert assassination. >> the cross your mind the of the tragedy. there were signs it was the plot. the russians would not mention that. >> every evening, they pray in front of the cross, asking the virgin mary to help the truth to be revealed. >> many people do not know this, but the text of the funeral oration was on the internet because the -- before the plane crashed. bronislaw komorowski is an accomplice in the allies around the disaster. there is a film of people being shot in front of the wreckage.
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there are so many questions. the cross is protecting the truth that is threatened by evildoers. >> poland is divided -- divided by a cross. for the past two days, nobody has been able to get close to it. one steel barrier was put in front of it. now there are too. there is no solution in sight. people can pray from afar. for those doing so, only one is important -- the fact that the cross is still there. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the bergers of france are getting angry at the borders of the edible variety. the chain quick is making burgers that include only halal meat. demand is growing. more and more outlets are hungry to cash in. >> this hamburger looks normal but is actually halal.
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the meat was prepared according to methods permitted by islamic law. what looks like bits of bacon are actually smoked turkey. last year, eight outlets of the french quick fast-food chain became halal-only restaurants. >> personally, i only eat halal. i used to order only fish when i came here. now i can eat meat. >> considering how many muslims live here is a good thing they serve halal meat. >> it is revolutionary to see a non-muslim chain offering halal. that is what is special. non-muslims have realized this is a gap in the market. it is great for us. >> some french people are
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unsettled by this development. for example, one has written a letter of protest to his municipal government, citing the french law insuring separation of religion and state. >> we have been upholding the separation for centuries in the public arena. we are citizens of french -- citizens of france and you know where our religious affiliations on our sleeve. this principle is at risk and many citizens are worried by these developments. >> even this nearby japanese restaurant has gone halal. stores and restaurants are no longer a niche market. you used to have to head to the back streets of immigrant neighborhoods. those days are long gone. halal is mainstream whether non- muslims like it or not. >> anybody buying a burger here is automatically supporting islamic organizations which
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monitor the slaughtering and contributing to the mosques that give official approval. >> quick typical me has been welcomed by the large muslim community. more quick outlets are following suit. in the fall, the sublet is planning to make the switch to halal and stop serving pork. the communist mayor of the community northeast of paris is not impressed. >> what bothers me is that it leads to a withdrawal into parallel societies. if i am muslim, i will go too quick. my friend who is not muslim will have to decide whether he wants to come with me or not. i believe this is problematic. >> he is not the only one. politicians across the board
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have expressed concern, including the far right. this amateur video posted on the internet shows a group of far- right extremists i pig masks occupying a restaurant in lyon that only serves halal meat. the issue lends itself to populist provocation. he wants to have his port and eat it too. he does not want to cause controversy, nor does he want to keep his a ridge to himself. >> we have to address this issue. we should not be afraid. the french flag does not represent the views of the far right, but the whole of the country. pork does not have to be inherently anti-islamic. >> liberty, equality, fraternity. the national model appears on every public building. putting these ideas into practice has never been easy.
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>> our series on europe's villages today it reaches szekelydobo in romania. shepherds are finding some of their dogs are being targeted by hunters. >> when he gets his gun out, the local wildlife had better look at. but today he is not interested in the dealer or bears. he has set his sights on the local shepherds, or more precisely their dogs. are there more of them than legally allowed? are they too far away from the herd? if so, they are fair game. >> you should keep your dog on a
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chain and obey the law. >> this is private land, not a hunting ground. you should be hunting up there in the forest. >> two dogs can go with the sheep. the rest stay here, tied up. >> if a bear attacks by sheep, would you pay for the loss, or if a horse gets killed? >> there is no point in talking to people who have only been to the village school. call the police. get him find. he has additional dogs he should not have. >> talk like this has not made the hunter any friends down in the valley. the villages is a home to 800 people, most of whom make their income from farming. they put their hearts out to pasture in the surrounding
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mountains and blows the hunter with a passion. >> the hunting clubs are in millions of euros from visitors from abroad who come to hunt deer and bears here. but if our cows or sheep fall victim to the bulls or bears that is considered irrelevant. >> the resentment runs deep. the life of a shepherd is hard. at least they could always rely on the sheep dogs to keep away predators. fighting against the legislation is proving a lot more difficult. the shepherd's even struggle to maintain the hygiene standards required by eu law. nomadic herdsmen and the traditional work has become impossible. they said the cannot earn enough money to live on. >> we go to bed at 1:00 a.m. and get up again at 5:00. it is not worth it anymore. we are at the bottom rung of
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society. >> this hunter has little sympathy. fresh bear tracks that scare the shepherds are welcome news for him. he leased the land from the government for hunting purposes. he is pleased to have 100 bears here. he says this was planted by a mother bear and two cubs. the bears are not just vegetarians. every year, hundreds of sheep and cattle fall victim to predators in the mountains. >> they blame us hunters for the bears but the herdsmen are just lazy. they do not guard their herds property. -- kurds properly. >> the carcass of a cow shows what can happen when a bear is really hungry. for the hunter, it indicates there are strong, adult bears in the forest -- just what he wants.
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>> we want to be able to offer our guests valuable trophies. that is the only way our hunting club can survive. we have to protect our stocks from the shepherds. >> lajos vitez lives nearby. three of his dogs have been killed in the past six months, reportedly because the killed young deer. the shepherd says his dogs are well fed and he does not believe the killdeer. -- they kill deer. they get low-calorie away from the sheep's milk after he makes cheese. they say the law is to blame for limiting the number of dogs allowed and for leading the hunters to enforce the law. >> the people in charge up there have no idea about life in the mountains. you cannot survive up here without dogs. we need the dogs to fight off predators.
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we are helpless otherwise. politicians just do not get it. >> but his dogs will get a bit of respite. the hunter has to back off for a while. he is facing charges of wanting killing of sheep dogs. he is seeking get video evidence to fighhisase. so the battle goes on between hunters and herdsmen in romania's carpe diem mountains. -- carpeathia mountains. >> in austria, supporters of jorg haider are worried. revelations have been surfacing about slush funds and deals with the iraqi dictator saddam hussein. the emerging picture is one of cronyism and a party keen to attract money from one ever source. >> [singing]
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>> this video shows the late austrian far-right politician jorg haider as his followers knew her -- knew him, a friend of the common people and iconoclast. during the few years he was governor of the state of carinthia, he managed tolunder the state's coffers. carinthia is virtually bankrupt, but that does not seem to bother anyone the. many revers jorg haider although he died in a car crash two years ago, driving while drunk. he and his followers claed to be different from austria's major political parties, which has long divided the spoils of power among themselves. now, his idealized image has been tarnished. investigators have discovered jorg haider had access to bank
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accountsn liechtenstein containing millions of euros. it seems what he had was not an old boys' network but a young boy's network. journalists who try to investigate or criticize jorg haider are quickly accused of muckraking. alexander worked as a correspondent in berlin, giving her an out sutters perspective her countrymen do not want to hear. >> in austria, consciousness of the rule of law are not very deep-seated. without traditions of the old austrian-hungarian market, we look up to our superiors. that is reflected here. politicians are sacrosanct in austria. >> jorg haider did questionable things. he made trips abroad sponsored by corporations and accompanied by officials. he visited omar khaddafi at a time when libya was shunned by other world leaders.
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some say the bureaus in liechtenstein could be from khaddafi. here he is visiting saddam hussein, the former iraqi dictator and mass murderer. a book has even been written about his visit to such dom. austrian authorities are investigating the allegation that some hussein gave jorg haider millions. under austrian law, it is tough to prosecute dubious party funding. >> currently, the law states a cabinet minister can be offered a payment for performing his official duties, ev a large amount, without it being considered a crime. minor civil servants even have to justify a third cup of coffee. a>> the prosecutors have a tough task, but they are not responsible for cases which
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occurred before they took office in 2009, when many of jorg haid's shady deals are thought to have taken place. this case is about more. lawyers believe this could be just theip of the iceberg. >> business leaders, party chiefs, eminent lawyers, and senior civil servants are involved in interest groups which are socially intertwined. that means controls do not really work. >> the jorg haider museum has not worked the way organizers hoped. visitors have been few and far between. yet he is still a cult figure. did this briefcase carried ill- gotten cash? whatever the result of the investigation, jorg haider is sure to stay in the news despite his death.
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>> just off the pen llyn peninsula in wales, the dragon's tail, sion williams sets out his lobster traps. he is his own boss and his lobster pot # 600. his lobsters and crabs are a family business. tourists benit b hiring him, his boat, and his knowledge of a beautiful coastline. >> there are no boats out in the bay here. the sea is too treacherous to lead a boat in the water overnight. every morning, a tractor brings sion williams's catamaran down to the water in the northwest of the pen llyn peninsula. sion williams's father is at the wheel. he used to go fishing himself but has retired and helps his
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son. he talked sion how to fish when he was just a boy. they spent weekends and holidays out on the water. sion williams has been working as a fisherman full-time for six years. >> nothing stays the same. it is very changeable. the sea is going to change. you cannot tell it to do anything. >> sion has specialized in lobsters and crabs. lobsters catch 10 times the price of crabs. there is no market at all for spider crabs.
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they just block of the lobster pots. lobsters and crabs that are too small also go back into the sea. he stressed that more than he keeps, but he is fine with that. >> it is ok. the size -- it is your future, isn't it? it is nice to see small crabs and that. if i did not see any of them i would be a bit worried. >> he bines the pincers' with elastic bands. if he did not, the lobsters would attack and kill each other. they use their pinchers in different ways. >> this is for crushing the shellfish. he can cut them up like a knife. >> sion texas catch to a local business called selective seafood. derek takes care of the lobsters.
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they are kept alive in a tank until a customer decides to buy them. the crabs are cooked up right away. barett shares the work with his wife, mary white. customers do not want live crabs because they do not know how to prepare them. >> we enjoy it doing it this way. you just get used to it. >> after delivering his cash, sion turns his attention to his second job. the couple have booked a fishing tour with him. for around 25 euros each, they get to spend two hours out on a catamaran. sion shows them what to do and any fish they catch are included in the price. >> look at this. [laughter] look at that.
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wow. >> her impressive catch is perhaps due in part to sion's fish finder, which shows him were the mackerel are lurking. that way, the visitors get to have some fun on their tour and perhaps will be keen to book sion and his catamaran aga. >> police spot. the welsh friend once told me a joke about a boy watching a fisherman and unloading his lobster pots when he noticed one climbing out. he called that one of the lobsters was escaping. "do not worry. these are welch lobsters. before he gets anywhere, his friends will drag him back down." very sad. join us next week for another
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"european journal." until then, goodbye.
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